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There will be times when you want to delete hundreds of spam emails from your inbox daily or delete certain alert emails that come in at fifteen-minute intervals. In that case, should you spend that time manually deleting all those emails yourself, or would it be easier to set up an automation script using Python? As someone who likes to have everything automated, I would rather learn and build that script to run daily to delete all my random alerts or retail subscription spams.

I will be going over the fundamental workflow of how emails are being deleted using Python…

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You must be wondering why does anyone want to use python to send emails? Isn’t it easier to send something through an email provider's user interface, such as Yahoo or Gmail? Well, ultimately this decision depends on your use case. Some people may want to send newsletter emails to multiple users or send an email reminder out using automation with a simple Python script.

Today I will be going over some fundamental understanding of how to send emails using Python. You need to know certain terminologies from a more technical standpoint, such as SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), a protocol to…

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I have worked on many programming projects throughout my college years that required me to code by scratch or be forced to use static data files. But the professors never taught me how flexible or convenient the use of public APIs could be when incorporated with coding.

I began learning about the usage of APIs from my job and online research. You may now be wondering “what do APIs do?” An API allows two applications to talk to each other and send data over using HTTP requests via the URL endpoints from the source site. You may have seen certain…

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Buying my first home in New York City has always been on my mind for a very long time, but I could never make it a reality until this year. We have been observing the real estate markets for over a year, but in March of 2020, just when the NYC lockdown started, my girlfriend and I finally decided to start condo hunting seriously. We thought it would be great to start looking at condos and townhouses at the beginning of the new year, but then COVID-19 came along.


This article is not a guide in what you need to…

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Three years ago, I graduated from State University of New York at Albany for my Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science. After four years of cramming for exams and coding projects, I decided not to pursue a role that mainly involves coding as my first job. You may be wondering why I chose not to pursue a career in becoming a developer? The main reasons are the different fears I have compiled throughout my journey. …

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You probably clicked on this article because you happened to see the clowder of adorable cats in the photo. Congratulations, you have been click-baited! Just kidding. All jokes aside, in this article I will be going over how to write a simple code for web scraping in Python using an import module package called BeautifulSoup that can extract specific information such as pictures or text from any websites.

I will be going through a step-by-step process detailing how you can use Python to extract multiple images from any website which allows you to save time as you will no longer…

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Many web browsers such as Google Chrome have features to allow users to open their desired website at startup. However, it can get annoying when the same five websites keep opening over and over again — I just want the new tab page! I have decided to build a simple script that can open your desired websites but only for when my computer boots up. My solution for this will be utilizing web scraping in Python using the webbrowser module. Today, I will be discussing how you can use the webbrowser module to automate tasks.

My Problem:

Every morning, I turn on…

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When I was taking Introduction to Information Technology in college, I learned only the basics of Python from a site called Throughout the course, many students, such as myself, had learned a lot from going through the tutorials. However, throughout the class, I never got a chance to run Python scripts on my computer. Today, I want to go over in detail how to install Python, add Python to the PATH environment, how to download modules using PIP install, and a quick demonstration on how to run your Python code.

How to Install Python 3.8.3 on Windows 10 PC:

The first step is to head over to the…

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Every month, we tend to download cat photos or productivity-enhancing programs that you know you would never use again, and those random one-time installers that you forget to delete after you first set up your new PC. Still, we all know it ends up just sitting on your desktop, collecting “bytes” (Get it? I’m funny) for years. I admit that I can be very lazy when it comes to organizing files on my PC or Macbook, and I never look back until I run out of storage space. …

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Have you ever wonder if there is a quicker way to look up specific information on a website? The average human attention span is around eight seconds, so most people will quickly lose interest when reading long paragraphs after paragraphs.

I decide to keep myself productive by learning to code using Python that can make my life just a tiny bit easier. The first thing on my path to becoming a better programmer is to build a simple data extractor program.

I started my coding journey by reading a coding book called “Automate the Boring Stuff with Python” by Al…

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